Building Resilient Economies Through the Co-Location of Clean Power Generation and Regenerative Agriculture

"Regenerative Energy has been a boon for our family ranch. It has brought both opportunity and steady growth that has allowed our family ranch to invest in our business and expand to create positions for our children to join us and see a meaningful career path in stewardship of our natural resources and food production. We believe this is one of the greatest opportunities that intertwine so many very important aspects of our lives -- environment, food, financial stability, energy and much more, all filtered through the lens of regeneration and stewardship."

Trent Hendricks, Cabriejo Ranch

By developing replicable regenerative solar ranches at the right scale, we add value to land and create high-quality jobs and new, long-term revenue streams for farmers, ranchers, land managers, and rural communities across America. Regenerative Energy® helps meet the need for decentralized and resilient energy and food systems.

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Spurring Economic Growth

We believe solar energy projects—when developed responsibly—create enduring, long-term value and deliver a meaningful legacy to their communities. Our unique model — co-locating clean power generation with regenerative farming practices — drives economic benefits that go beyond the benefits of a solar power plant alone. Each Regenerative Energy® partner community is the beneficiary of the already significant economic impacts of a solar power plant as well as numerous additional economic benefits.

Construction Phase

During construction of the solar power plant, communities benefit from hundreds of high value jobs and job training that develop a more resilient workforce, prepared for the 21st century economy. New associated wages — as well as significant direct, indirect, and induced wage impacts and ongoing meaningful tax impacts — are critical to the often economically distressed rural counties where our projects are sited.

Operations Phase

Once operating, a Regenerative Energy® project produces two crops on one piece of land for the long-term – clean energy and grass-fed meat – boosting economic productivity per acre of land.

This provides two types of direct long-term, high-quality jobs – energy technicians and regenerative land managers – as well as a new, important long-term revenue streams for land managers. Regenerative Energy® projects also lead to indirect service jobs. All of these new jobs generate new wages along with direct, indirect, and induced wage impacts to the local economy and greater, often vital, continuing tax revenues for communities.

Providing a Career Path for Young and Aspiring Farmers

Agriculture is a capital-intensive industry that is not easily accessed by young people or people new to farming. Regenerative Energy® provides experienced farmers and ranchers, as well as aspiring agriculturalists who don’t have farmland, with finance-free access to land and opportunities to generate revenue. And by offering a new source of income, we’re allowing members of younger generations of family farms to carry on family traditions.