The Latest Silicon Ranch Innovation: Agrivoltaic Technicians and Regenerative Energy Self-Perform

Posted by Chris Ann Lunghino | July 22, 2021

To build on our capacity to deliver Regenerative Energy® via rancher and farmer partnerships, Silicon Ranch recently launched a first of its kind, utility-scale Agrivoltaics Operations & Maintenance self-perform program.

Under this innovative program, Silicon Ranch trains and employs the world’s first-ever agrivoltaic technicians to implement both regenerative land management and non-technical, non-electric solar maintenance. The agrivoltaic technicians deliver holistic planned sheep grazing as the primary vegetation management tool and to restore grasslands on select Silicon Ranch Regenerative Energy® projects.

Livestock guard dogs are essential to this effort. We use Colorado Mountain Dogs to protect solar grazing flocks because they are human-friendly and develop strong bonds to their charges.

Watch the baa-filled video below to see livestock guard dog PDP John Wayne overseeing the first self-perform custom graze of a flock of over 800 sheep, which took place at Snipesville Ranch, a three-phase, 300+ MWac project on over 2,000 acres that is developed, owned, and operated for the long-term by Silicon Ranch in rural Georgia.

Our Regenerative Energy® platform combines clean electricity generation and regenerative agriculture on one piece of land, keeping solar land in agricultural production. The data driven, science-based platform lowers the operational expenses of vegetation management, while also delivering and measuring ecosystem services on our lands, including carbon sequestration and improved soil health, biodiversity and water quality. Regenerative Energy® creates jobs, builds resilient economies, and supports local food systems, helping to bring high quality grassfed lamb to market.

Posted by Corinne Kocher and Chris Ann Lunghino | December 10, 2021