Custom Solutions to Achieve Your Goals

Over the past decade, Silicon Ranch has helped a diverse set of customers, from Fortune 500 companies to rural electric cooperatives, to meet their renewable energy and carbon reduction goals, all while providing underserved communities a much-needed economic shot in the arm.
We are now able to provide additional solutions to help commercial and industrial energy buyers, utilities, and state and local governments meet their goals through the Regenerative Energy® platform,  Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics, and Regenerative Energy® Ecosystem Services. 

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, Silicon Ranch developed Regenerative Energy®, a holistic, transformative platform that co-locates clean electricity generation and regenerative agriculture on our project sites. By taking responsibility for our land footprint, we enable our projects and our partners to “make solar do more” by driving additional outcomes over and above the already significant environmental, social, and economic benefits of the renewable energy projects themselves.

We believe that work of such significance must be science-led and data-driven. Accordingly we worked with market-leading third parties to develop Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics, a platform that not only examines the impacts of the renewable energy projects, but also captures the additional outcomes driven by the Regenerative Energy® platform and reports them in a verified Social Return on Investment (SROI) report. Outcomes include enhanced ecosystem services that will generate carbon removal, water, and biodiversity and habitat credits.

We approach this work through the Regenerative Energy® Solar Standard, which provides structure and consistency to the holistic design, construction and operations of a solar power plant in any ecoregion, to meet the unique goals of our customers.  We recognize that for Regenerative Energy® to have the broadest possible impact, we must promote participation from across our industry and therefore we make the Regenerative Energy® Solar Standard available to others in the solar industry. Together, we have the opportunity to positively impact millions of acres of land across the U.S. and around the world as the solar land base grows.

Track and Capture the Full Value of Project Outcomes

Through application of Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics, we can help you meet sustainability, carbon, and other ESG goals. Outcome-based and community-driven, the Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics methodology is a science-based tool that tracks, assesses, and captures the full value of environmental, social, and economic impacts of Regenerative Energy® projects. These impacts include sequestered carbon, improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity, corresponding environmental credits, and enhanced social license to operate, among many others. We actively engage community members and other stakeholders throughout the process to ensure that what we measure is relevant to them.

Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics yields an audit-ready report that contains a forecast of these expected outcomes and measures the associated SROI. Project partners can use this report to support CSR, ESG, climate disclosure reporting requirements, and carbon footprint reduction and sustainability goals.

Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics reports are third-party verified by Social Value International and aligned with International Integrated Reporting Council’s framework for responsibly reporting on how a company’s strategy, governance, and performance lead to positive impacts in the short and long term.

Source of Project Value by Project Component

The first Regenerative Energy® EcoMetrics report analyzing the impacts of the Bancroft Station Solar Farm found that a full two thirds of the value to stakeholders of a Regenerative Energy® project derives from regenerative agriculture and the co-location of regenerative agriculture and the solar power plant.

Regenerative Agriculture


13% of the project’s value is due solely to the regenerative agriculture component.

Regenerative Energy®


Over 50% of the aggregate value of the Bancroft Station Regenerative Energy® project is attributable to the Regenerative Energy® platform.

Solar Power Plant


Over 30% of the value of the project is due to the solar power plant component itself.

Regenerative Energy® Ecosystem Services: Leading the Development of Protocols to Generate Carbon Removal and Other Environmental Credits

The Regenerative Energy® team is at the forefront of efforts to develop a solar industry-specific protocol connecting regenerative agriculture practices to environmental outcomes and establish a market for credits representing environmental assets, including carbon removal credits. We are working with leading soil carbon and ecosystem science experts on projects that use cutting edge tools for the monitoring and accounting of environmental impacts—carbon sequestered in soil, water quality and quantity, biodiversity, and habitat creation. We expect our collaboration with established voluntary environmental asset market registries to yield a protocol appropriate for Regenerative Energy® projects by 2022.

Access Guidance and Structure for Holistic Project Design, Construction, and Operation

The Regenerative Energy® Solar Standard is a straight-forward and easy-to-use standard and certification process that provides a roadmap for the holistic design, construction, and operation of solar power plants. This standard also provides recognition for solar developers wanting to increase the environmental, social, and economic benefits of a solar energy project. The Regenerative Energy® Solar Standard certification process highlights a Regenerative Energy® project’s alignment with the local community context and the particular environment where the project is sited.